Topic: Tech Vocabulary (FAL)… Copy

Here are some common words used on the FAL.

Part 1

  1.   Please provide a mapping of the damaged area (cartographie)
    2. The applicable drawing has the reference Fig 1B (dessin)
    3. A new Work Order has been issued. (‘gamme’)
    4. The document is not finalised, only a draft. (projet)
    5. Always keep a record of the work done. (enregistrement)
    6. The work was done in accordance with the AMM. (conformément à)
    7. According to the customer, the rework is not acceptable. (selon)

Part 2

1. The lead time for delivery is 3 days. (délai de livraison)
2. We try to avoid delivery delays. (retard)
3. The delivery schedule is available on line. (planning)
4. We do a planning meeting every Monday. (planification)
5. Work has stopped pending a decision by the DO. (en attendant)
6. I’m on the night shift next week. (travail de nuit)
7. There is still some outstanding work to be done. (travail restant)
8. They haven’t replied yet. I’ll send a reminder. (rappel)


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